where we meet

let's start with the start!

from 8 am  at karmeliterplatz. again on board our pop-up coffee bar from die fahrbar!

coffee starts at 7.30!

preferred stops/gatherings/regroupings during the ride. in chronological order. (applies to the named routes)

at about 9am in kumberg (132/126/96/80)

for an additional coffee or a short breakfast (last stop before sommeralm)

from 11am on sommeralm (132/123)

to avoid crowds of cyclists (not only becaus of covid) we offer a few options up there. try to find your place. the restaurants are informed that hungry, thirsty and maybe tired cyclists may possible drop by. they all have outdoor places.

first on top on the left (not 100% sure that he is able to open on saturday)

a few metres down and then left

a few more metres and a sharp corner down

almost at teichalm

for snack afficionados (after fladnitz)

around noon on the far side of schöckl/for the 98k version a little earlier (132/98)

the gasthaus is about 10 min down (and a little up again) from angerkreuz

directly from jägerwirt there is a steep uphill segment!

noon at theisslwirt 132/ 98 (about 11am)

and here a POI for all non sommeralm riders (which means you go down arzberg directly)

and here's one for all non angerkreuz riders

the after ride beer is served at karmeliterplatz again

from 1am here!

that's it. for this time.

see you around graz in 2021!