this is brand new. and unironed.

artwork by adam katyi

printed by hand on

a 100% bio organic cotton shirt


currently available only on preorder in the pictured color combination.

also in a not yet pictured womens version.

sizes: XS, S, M, L


samples @ TAIGA/südtirolerplatz 12/8010


the price?

is nice!

€ 25.-


our caps are on sale at

TAIGA_CONCEPT STORE – südtirolerplatz 12; 8020
MAGHANOY – körösistrasse 1/ keplerbrücke; 8010
DIE RADLEREI – kopernikusgasse 27, 8010
MUCHAR UPCYLES – schillerstrasse 2; 8010
RADFUCHS - hauptstr. 227; 8401 kalsdorf
or in cases of emergency via personal message

our RAG signature jersey!

and it's sold out!

we'll be back in 2022 :))

with something completely different.