A race! OMG a race!

an individual time trial? uphill? brutal?

why not?


just like that!


the winners of the first RAG hill climb race are:

Csil La


Richard Aßmair ♠️




on the women's side Csil La has won six out of seven segments! five as QOM!

so she is our first QUEEN OF SEVEN HILLS (QOSHI!)

 followed by Roswitha Hense-Simenko who won the last segment.

what a finish!


with an outstanding and dominating performance Richard Aßmair ♠️ won the men's race with 6 KOMs!

we are excited, especially because his efforts looked so elegant and easy!

he was beaten only once by his closest rival and friend Martin Moser who managed one KOM and five 2nd places. 

which made his 2nd place overall safe and impressive.

 Jakob Kneidinger finished five segments as 3rd and one on place 2.

in the end a powerful 3rd!

special kudos to Florian Büchele, Gernot Saubart, and HoKo NSR who did all seven hills in one ride! 

same to Tom L who also finished all hills in a prologue on oct 21!

you are great sportsmen!

hill race? days? yes!


to be precise: a series of individual time trials against the strava segment clock.

and other individual hill climbers.


as we have selected 7 glorious little hills in and around graz for this little contest,

 it's gonna be a kind of cycling heptathlon.


to be accomplished within 4 days.

or to be precise again: within 71 hours.

starting an thursday october 21, 4 PM.

closing on sunday october 24, 3 PM.

maybe with a little impro party!



the 7 hills are between 500 and a little over 2000m long:

schlossberg nord / opening session


friedhof strassgang


plabutsch prolog


kumberg ost / closing session


in total: 701 metres of ascent!

(the previously announced 1.200m were based on an older segment list when we were a bit too ambitious! ;)  THX thomas p. for your attention!


the goal is simple.

be as fast as you can on as many hills as possible.

to earn the highly official titles: QOSHI and KOSHI

on our virtual wall of fame.


be prepared!


hurray we are also on instagram!