a ride inspired by the so called seven graz summits, a collection of six hills and one mountain around graz.

not easy. especially in one go.

start with the lustbühel observatory (hill no1 - 100m of elevation) head west to straßgang;

along the backside of the cemetery up to the kronprinz-rudolf-warte on buchkogel (2 - 300m);

followed closely by the small chapel of st. johann und paul (3 - 10m)

have a break!

climb up to fürstenstand on the plabutsch hill (4 - 260m) and pass the famous graffiti decorated lüftungsschacht.

the way down to schloß gösting is first dusty and then fast!


we recommend a feed stop in graz-andritz before heading via annagraben to the start of the only real climb of the day up to almost world famous schöckl (5 - 1000m) on a very delicious route via hohenberg.

enjoy the view!


 a high speed descent down to schöckl maut and rinnegg lets you reach the almost last ascent up to platte/stephanienwarte (6; 200m) only leaving

hill nr. 7 - the one and only schloßberg graz.


not the uhrturm, not the glockenturm is your last summit, it's a grim lion ! called the hackher löwe (110m)


after about 105k and 2.500m upwards.

you may be dirty and tired, but with a smile!

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