the RAG all year round challenge

more or less spontaneous,

more or less challenging,

more or less long group rides around graz.

published via the RAG 365 strava club!

see you around!


THX to all riders who grouped together on many, many days!

see you around in 2024!

get or stay healthy and in shape!


229/365 - a  next report

17. august 2021



this time in pictures or our daily cycling fun in different cast


178/365 - short status

june 27, 2021


since may 19 we are grouping together every day.

stay tuned!

on strava


139/365 - a next indermediate report

may 19, 2021


after more or less severe covid disruptions austria reopens again.


what does this mean?

there are still 226 days left in 2021!


time to restart our core idea of at least one group ride a day around here!


 if you want to join a scheduled ride,

just follow the activities of our strava club.


but for more fun and variety,

… offer a group ride yourself!



see you around soon!


67/365 - a first summary


the covid virus is still around. and vaccinations are unfortunately a long way off for most of us.

so, relaxed open group rides as we like them and as we had planned with you are still not matching.


we will therefore remain in the virtual RAG 365 mode until further notice.

too bad. but there are still a few days left in 2021!

as a possible start of open group rides we are thinkung - optimistically - about easter!


however, all the more important - we want to take this opportunity to tell you, excited about the sum of your activities so far. solo, in online-pulks or in intimate small groups.

impressive what was ridden in the first 66 days of the year on the streets, paths, trails, living and hobby rooms, cellars and garden sheds around graz. in km, in watts, in altitude meters, in intervals, in epic rides beyond the 100 and 200 km mark and in general. in wind, ice, snow and first "hot" days. (also outside of overheated interiors).

either way: bravo! bravo! bravo!


well, and believe it or not, there are at least a handful of notorious enthusiasts who haven't missed a single day yet. makes an extra portion of respect, chapeau and kudos!

and - who knows - maybe one or the other of them will actually manage the 365 tutto completto!


we are and remain curious!

no more words.


stay healthy, keep cycling and see you around soon!