an (almost) short briefing for a long ride


1) a ride. not a race! probably we have mentioned this before ;)


2) the not so sexy but important and therefore again at least a little bit sexy part


each and everyone is responsible for her/his behaviour.


the inviters disclaim all liability. against them, neither because of damage nor because of injuries of any kind claims are asserted


each rider has to provide his own insurance coverage. like for any other private ride she/he does.


the route proposed is a proposition only. subject to errors. we ride exclusively on public roads and there applies (what else?) without exception the StVO


the idea is to suggest not only a beautiful and challenging route, but also one with the least possible traffic.
a few sharp corners and changes of direction are therefore included.
study the route or stick to other co-riders! or in case of doubt talk with locals!
in the worst case you discover your own ways! and back to Graz is possible from everywhere

3) and now to the real hot stuff


time window for departure: first neutralized start around 7.00 a.m.; a second one at 8.00 a.m. at the main bridge in front of the kunshaus


from 6.30 am to 8:00 am we have coffee and biscuits mechanical support by oscar from!


and in the end for tired legs and happy faces the after ride party starts at 14:00 in and around

capperi! il locale

café centraal

hotel mariahilf

contra punto

Harry's ICEcream Graz


with enough space for bikes and you! and enough to drink and eat!


have a great day around graz! stay safe! ride epyc!

and don't forget an ass saver and a jacket in case of one or the other raindrop!