where we meet

let's start with the start!

at 7am on the april 18 2020 in the center of graz, just in front of the "alien" (aka the kunsthaus) in the middle of the main bridge beside our pop-up coffee bar!

and then a jump to the end!



the AFTER RIDE PARTY takes place just behind the kunsthaus "alien"!

party partners are in no particular order:

capperi! il locale

café centraal

hotel mariahilf

contra punto

Harry's ICEcream Graz


and featuring special friends, guests and also one or the other talented rider himself.

the original SOULbRÜDER



in the meantime during the ride. in chronological order.

from 8am in kumberg

from 9am in semriach

from 11am on top of plesch

especially if you do a plesch-less ride version, or you want to meet friends on shorter routes again!

from 11am in st. oswald

the more lunchy style with gulasch and a great view

or the more coffee, cake and toast style

from 1pm in stainz

the romantic version directly in the stainz castle for coffee and cake

from 2pm in fernitz

and from 2pm where it all started!