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the best things in life are free*.


the only thing we will ask you for (beside your bike enthusiasm) is data.

little big data!  :))
just kidding!

we simply would be happier than we are anyway, if you can manage to register, so we can get a rough idea how many of you will join us on the day of the ride.

by the way: this is also a kind reminder to cancel your registration, if you eventually change your mind due to vis major. e.g. cruel weather conditions or cruel physical conditions...


if you don't like to fill in standard forms, write us an email. or a letter.

if necessary for you, of course you can also sing and dance your registration again and send us the audio-/videotape!


*not to forget. graz and surroundings are - RAG wise - a 100% doping free zone. sic!

there's nothing to win round here than great experiences. no price money, no contract as a professional rider, no other excuses for stupidities!

the only performance enhancing stuff we accept are mindblowing super cool and beautiful bikes, excellent food&drinks and as many espressos as your heart gets along with …



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