the 2021 all year round challenge

o.k. you already knew it, roadcycling is an all year round sport.

what's may be new, in 2021 we not only take this seriously, but literally.

so next year we'll be riding on every single of the 365 days!

and we includes... YOU TOO!

be a part of it!

we count each and every ride around graz between january 1 and december 31, 2021


 just make your rides visible via the corresponding RAG 365 strava-club.
   because, if it's not on strava ...!


of course you can ride elsewhere too or zwift around wherever you want.

but as the name of the game suggests, a simple majority of your rides in 2021 should take place

in the real world around graz.

most important: do this and that with a big smile :))
    anything else would be rude. or grim. and definitly unsportsmanlike!



the clou

to make things a little easier and maybe even funnier:
     whenever the virus allows it - we hope from march on - there will be

one hosted RAG 365 group ride every day!
     announced via this website and all the other RAG 365 media channels!



your wins

 beside the fact that it's always exciting to achieve measurable goals, and rewarding to leave others behind, let's be honest, a year on the bike sometimes has its lengths.

thats why RAG 365 will offer a lot of different not only challenges throughout 2021

but trophies all along the way!


details will follow in time!




and now the news in german.



a little data…

… and a calendar